Glider is an agency for change, working in the area of human futures, transformation and new form experience design. We create meaningful, physical and digital experiences that move people to feel, think, be and do in new and fuller ways. Unlike other agencies, we challenge the traditional modes of delivery and craft experimental new forms that resonate deeply with people and forge lasting and meaningful connections.

We focus our work on the most important human issues shaping our society and the future – from placemaking, civil empathy, social inclusion, and human rights to philanthropy, ethics, climate change, sustainability and international relations.

At the heart of Glider’s work is a deep understanding and appreciation of our shared human experience. We are endlessly curious about people, life and complexity and motivated to create moments that open people up and invite them to explore all the fullness of what it means to Be Human, so that we might live well together.

We’ve partnered with a wide range of organisations, who are passionate about making change in the world, to develop compelling, future-focussed strategies, content and experiences that boldly explore the unknown and all that the future might hold.